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Nipple Reduction Surgery Tunbridge Wells

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and in some, nipples are either naturally very large, or they may change after breast feeding. If you are self-conscious about your nipples there is an office-based procedure under local anaesthetic that can reduce their size.

What does nipple reduction involve?

Your nipple will be carefully marked (drawn on) to plan the surgery and then it will be numbed using local anaesthetic. The procedure then involves removing the marked area and carefully stitching the nipple back together using dissolving stitches.

What are the benefits of nipple reduction surgery?

After surgery to reduce and reshape the nipples, patients usually experience an improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem. They feel more body confident, and more comfortable wearing certain clothing and with their partner.

How long does the operation take?

The operation takes around 30-minutes per nipple.

What is the recovery period after nipple reduction surgery?

After surgery, surgical glue may be used over the wounds and a dressing is applied. The dressing should be used for around a week before the air can get to the wound.

How long before getting back to normal?

Whilst this is a local anaesthetic procedure and few people experience significant discomfort, it is important to take things easy after surgery. This will minimise post-operative problems such as bleeding. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity should be undertaken for 2-3 weeks and you should carefully protect your nipple from being caught during this time.

How successful is surgery to reduce nipples?

Nipple reduction surgery is very predictable and produces good results. However, your nipples may not respond in the same way they used to (in the cold or with intimacy) and the sensation may be changed.

What are the risks with this sort of surgery?

As mentioned above, the main risk with this sort of surgery relates to reduced or altered sensation in the nipple. Other risks include those of all surgery, such as infection and bleeding. There will be scars, but they are inconspicuously hidden within the nipple skin.


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