Nipple Reconstruction


Nipple Reconstruction Surgery Tunbridge Wells

Nipples may need reconstructing as part of the breast cancer reconstruction journey or rarely to fix complications of other forms of breast surgery. This reconstructive procedure normally takes around 30-minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic (with you awake) as a day case procedure (in and out the same day).

What does it involve?

Once your nipple is numbed using injections of local anaesthetic usually a pattern of skin is lifted up as a flap and stitched into a small cylinder to form the nipple. A tattoo is performed at a later date to provide colour for the areola.

An alternative technique is to create a new nipple using a graft. This graft may be taken from the other nipple (if big enough) or alternatively from other parts of the body (such as from the labia).

What are the benefits?

Nipple reconstruction can complete the breast reconstruction and convert a breast mound into a breast. It can also create a nipple in situations when nipples have been lost for other reasons (such as infection or inadequate blood supply after a breast reduction) or in the rare developmental situation when no nipple develops.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery takes about 30-minutes per nipple.

What is the recovery period?

Following surgery, Mr Pacifico will use a protective dressing so your bra will squash the dressing and not squash the new nipple. This protection is required for around 4-weeks after surgery.

How long before daily activities may be resumed?

Light activities may be resumed the following day. Strenuous or physical activities (such as exercise, heavy lifting) should be avoided for 2-weeks.

What are the success rates?

Nipple reconstruction has a high success rate. Rarely, some minor revision surgery maybe necessary if there is any residual irregularity.

What are the possible complications?

This is a procedure with a low risk of complications. Those that may occur include infection, bleeding and some residual irregularity that may need minor revision surgery. The scar usually heals well and is hidden within the future tattoo in most situations. The main complication can be shrinkage of the nipple reconstruction. If this occurs significantly a further revision nipple reconstruction can be performed.


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