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A variety of aesthetic and reconstructive nipple procedures are performed by Mr Pacifico, to address a wide variety of concerns. For example, many women have inverted nipples to varying degrees, and surgery under local anaesthetic can be performed to correct this. On the other hand, some women develop overly large nipples or nipples of an unusual appearance affecting their confidence. These too can be addressed by Mr Pacifico. In addition, women who are undergoing breast reconstruction will usually undergo nipple reconstruction as part of their breast reconstruction journey, and this involves surgery to create a new nipple (either using skin from the breast reconstruction, or skin grafted from elsewhere on the body). To read more about these procedures, please click on the links below.

Correction of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are a common occurrence, whether developing during puberty, after pregnancy or later in life.Normally they are benign, but if they develop later in life and other symptoms are present, then further investigations might be required.

Nipple Reduction

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and in some, nipples are either naturally very large, or they may change after breast feeding.If you are self-conscious about your nipples there is an office-based procedure under local anaesthetic that can reduce their size.

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipples may need reconstructing as part of the breast cancer reconstruction journey or rarely to fix complications of other forms of breast surgery.