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Many men develop a degree of breast tissue formation at some point in their lives. The most common times for this to happen are either through puberty, or later in life when it may be associated with prostate cancer treatment or other hormonal changes. The development is normally irreversible, and surgery is the only reliable way of correcting it.

What does it involve?

Surgery to the male breast (gynaecomastia) may be done by a number of different techniques. The best technique for an individual situation is determined after careful clinical examination and assessment of the amount of breast tissue, the degree of excess skin, the quality of the skin and features of the nipple and areola. Techniques include liposuction (usually reserved for men with a lot of fatty tissue on their chest and good skin quality); direct excision techniques (with scars left around the areola or at a remote site) or open techniques, when men with a large amount of excess skin require skin removal too.

What are the benefits?

Gynaecomastia surgery will recontour the chest and improve its appearance. However, depending on the surgical technique used, there will be variable degrees of scarring left

How long does the surgery take?

This depends upon the technique used, and can range from 45-minutes through to over 2-hours.

What is the recovery period?

Again, depending on the technique, the recovery period will vary from 2-6 weeks.

How long before daily activities may be resumed?

Light activities may be resumed the following day. Strenuous or physical activities (such as exercise, heavy lifting) should be avoided for up to 6-weeks.

What are the success rates?

Gynaecomastia surgery has high success rates, however if residual asymmetries or irregularities occur, revision surgery may be required.

What are the possible complications?

The main complications include bleeding, infection and potentially lumpy scars (that may themselves require further treatment). Under or over-correction can happen as well as issues with the nipple – all of which might require further surgery (potentially at extra cost).


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