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Tuberous Breasts Surgery Tunbridge Wells

A tuberous breast is a descriptive term for a range of breast shapes that have various features in common. These include a puffiness (or pseudoherniation) of the areola, where the breast tissues pushes through in an unusual way; a high and tight breast crease and a flattening or concave shape of the lower pole of the breast. Frequently tuberous breasts are under developed and women with tuberous breasts often have asymmetry in terms of volume (size) between their breasts. Tuberous breasts are also referred to as snoopy dog breasts, and tubular breasts (although this is more of a descriptive variation).

Due to the unusual appearance of tuberous breasts, they can have a significant emotional and psychological impact, with loss of confidence and self-esteem. Many women with tuberous breasts will not realise that they are not alone, and that others have breasts with similar appearances.

A number of surgical options are available to improve the appearance of tuberous breasts, and the right choice of procedure(s) can only be decided after careful clinical examination. Mr Pacifico has expertise and a special interest in tuberous breasts and is well-versed in this range of techniques.

Changes in volume and shape of the breast may be achieved using a carefully chosen breast implant, or alternatively fat grafting (lipofilling). The areola often requires correction that necessitates a scar around its outer border. Internal surgery to the breast may also be required to manipulate the breast tissue in order to release its constrictions and areas of tightness.

Please refer to the page on the correction of tuberous breasts for more detailed information.


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