Large Breast Reduction Surgery


Large Breast Reduction Surgery Tunbridge Wells – London

Large breasts can be the source of multiple problems for some women – functional, aesthetic and emotional (as well as social). For this reason, breast reduction surgery maintains its position as a very popular breast plastic surgery procedure. The aesthetic features of large breasts vary from woman to woman, but may include a low nipple position, stretch marks, and a wide areola. Part of most breast reduction techniques is a breast lift, so the nipple position as well as the size of the areola can be addressed at the same time as the reduction. Stretch marks will not be altered significantly, unless parts of them are removed during the surgery.

The functional problems can include back and neck ache, shoulder ache, fungal infections under the breasts, as well as difficulty in exercising due to their weight and movement. Again, these issues are all improved with breast reduction surgery.

Regarding the emotional and social aspects, frequent feedback from women who have undergone breast reductions surgery include: “people think I have lost weight” and “finally people are looking at my face when I speak to them!”

At the end of the day, breast reduction surgery has a high “worth it” rating and remains ever popular. For more information on how a breast reduction is performed, please go to the breast reduction surgery page.


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