Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery


Breast Asymmetry Surgery Tunbridge Wells – London

All women have a degree of breast asymmetry (wonky breasts, non-matched breasts) – whether in size difference between their breasts, nipple position, nipple or breast shape and the position of the breast and breast crease on the chest wall. This can sometimes be compounded by asymmetries to the chest wall, which further impact on the apparent breast asymmetry. The often repeated adage that breasts are “sisters not twins” is very appropriate.

However, in some women, the differences between their breasts are over a cup size, and even several cup sizes in some. Mr Pacifico sees many women with breast asymmetry and uses a variety of plastic surgery techniques to treat them.

So what treatment is right for you? This entirely depends on Mr Pacifico’s findings after a careful clinical examination.

In some women, performing a differential breast augmentation will be the right approach. This is a good technique for small-breasted women with small differences in size between the breasts.

In others, a breast reduction on one size, to reduce the larger breast, with or without a breast lift on the other side may be appropriate. Breast lifts with implants is also a useful approach in some women.

Whilst it is natural for many women to want to choose a preferred breast as a “target” breast to want to match, it is not always possible. The priority should always be getting both breasts to be as similar as possible in terms of size and shape, with the best shape achievable. Size concerns might need to be addressed in the future if still an issue.

Mr Pacifico has a great deal of experience in dealing with breast asymmetry and would be happy to see you for an opinion or advice.


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