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Women develop breasts in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is entirely normal. However, in some cases the ways in which breasts develop can cause emotional or psychological distress, or even physical symptoms. Mr Pacifico has a special interest in treating a range of breast conditions and particular expertise in cases of tuberous breast and breast asymmetry. He also performs a large number of breast augmentations to treat women with under-developed breasts and breast reductions for those women whose breasts are uncomfortably heavy and who have aesthetic concerns about their breasts. Another breast condition that can occur in some women who have breast implants in is capsular contracture, when the naturally forming scar tissue around the implant can occasionally harden, change the shape of the breast and even be uncomfortable. Please visit the pages below to find out more about the types of breast conditions Mr Pacifico treats.

Breast Asymmetry

All women have a degree of breast asymmetry (wonky breasts, non-matched breasts) – whether in size difference between their breasts, nipple position

Capsular Contracture

All breast implants will develop a thin layer of natural scar like tissue around them, referred to as a capsule. This happens in every breast augmentation

Tuberous Breasts

A tuberous breast is a descriptive term for a range of breast shapes that have various features in common. These include a puffiness

Large Breasts

Large breasts can be the source of multiple problems for some women – functional, aesthetic and emotional (as well as social).

Underdeveloped Breasts

Many women only experience a small amount of breast growth during puberty, and consequently may feel self-conscious about their breasts and their sexuality