Breast Augmentation Surgery


Breast Augmentation Surgery Tunbridge Wells – London


Breast enlargement, or breast augmentation (also referred to as a boob job) usually involves the placement of silicone breast implants under the breast – either directly beneath the breast tissue or else partially under the pectoralis muscle that sits under the breast.


The procedure is carried out whilst you are asleep under a general anaesthetic. It can normally be performed as a day case procedure, but sometimes an overnight stay is required.


Breast enlargement remains the most popular breast plastic surgery procedure. This is because of the significant confidence boost, increase in self-esteem and patient satisfaction it confers. It is a safe operation and has reliable and consistent results if planned well. Many people as about the possibility of breast feeding afterwards (possible) and whether it has an impact on breast cancer (no). However, it is important to inform a radiographer when you have a mammogram that you have breast implants in.

There are some important concepts to understand if you are considering a breast enlargement:

  • If you have breasts that are naturally spaced apart, they will still be spaced apart after a breast augmentation
  • Similarly, if you have nipples that are asymmetric (which is completely normal) and may point in different directions, it is possible that this is more noticeable after your breast enlargement
  • If you are small breasted without much soft tissue cover, the breast implant will be palpable (you may be able to feel it) and occasionally even visible (you might be able to see the implant lying under your skin). Importantly, as we age, we gradually lose breast tissue, so these features can be exacerbated over time.

How long does the operation take?

The surgery takes under an hour in most cases.

How long does is the recovery?

Ideally you will wake up already wearing your post-surgical bra following surgery, which is something you should continue to wear day and night for 6-weeks. After the operation the wound will be dressed with medical tape. This is splash-proof and shower-proof but not bath-proof. You will be able to shower from the day after surgery, and dab the tape dry with a clean towel, kitchen towel or alternatively use a hair-dryer on a cold setting to dry the tapes. You will be able to return to sedentary activity (i.e. an office job or light duties) within a few days, depending upon how you feel.

How long before getting back to normal?

Ideally you should avoid heavy lifting and any significant exercise for 6-weeks after your operation to minimise problems with your new breasts. You should however do shoulder exercises after the operation to stop any stiffness setting in. A good method is to wash your own hair the day after the procedure. This will also make you feel much better!

How successful is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation has a very high success rate and few significant short-term complications.

What are the risks?

Risks of breast enlargement using silicone breast implants include wound infections (as in any form of surgery). Significant infection (infection around the implant) is fortunately very rare. However, if it does occur, it may require a further procedure to remove the prosthesis and an implant-free period of at least 3-months will be required. The implant can then be re-inserted after the 3-6 month break; bleeding (rarely requiring blood transfusion but sometimes necessitating a return to surgery); lumpy scarring in some people; traction rippling (this refers to rippling of the breast implant seen in the cleavage when leaning forwards, and is more of an issue with textured implants placed on top of the muscle).

Capsular contracture is important to understand – this is the contraction of naturally forming scar tissue around the breast implant that can change the shape of the breast or cause discomfort. This would require further surgery to replace the implant and release the tight scar tissue.


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