About us

Marc Pacifico MD FRCS(Plast) is an experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon, who developed this site specifically to focus on Breast Plastic Surgery, which makes up a significant proportion of his aesthetic plastic surgery practice.

Marc is a fully accredited and experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He held a substantive consultant post at the internationally-renowned Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, for 8-years before going into full time private practice. He has undergone extensive training, mainly in London and the South East of England, but also spending time in Melbourne, Australia on an Advanced Aesthetics Fellowship at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. In addition he was awarded the gold medal for coming top in the UK in his consultant-level plastic surgery exams (the FRCS(Plast) exam).

Marc is very conscious of the significance of undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, and focuses on making your journey as smooth as possible. He is particularly aware of the importance of being well-informed beforehand, and having considerable involvement and understanding of the decision-making process. He therefore makes every effort to engage all his patients in the pre-operative planning process, explaining the rationale for his recommendations and being honest about risk and realistic about expectations.

With his artistic eye and attention to detail, Marc strives to achieve a natural appearing outcome in his work whenever possible. He maintains close links with his patients, ensuring good quality long-term follow-up and easy access to see him or his team if you have any concerns.


3-D Breast Simulation